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How to help someone to quit smoking…

Vasi tried to create smoke circles. He didn't succed...

… you smoke all his cigarettes.

This morning, mr. Sandulici, wanted to take a short smoking break. The rest of the office inhabitants decided they needed a cigarette break too (they are all non-smokers, by the way).

Mr. Sandulici stated: “If I see you all smoking, I will quit!”. Well… they did.


The whiteboard is back home

After all the (online and offline) pressure we put on Velea, he finaly brought back our precious whiteboard! Manny thanks to all the nice programmers, students, bank employees, little boys and girls who know how you feel when somebody takes your lolly-pop, grannies, kitties, doggies and aliens – in one word all the nice people – who supported us to get it back!


Velea, bring the whiteboard back!

13th of August 2009.  This is the day I lost something precious, something I miss a lot. My whiteboard. Our whiteboard. Together with it’s markers and sponge. A human being (if we can call this… this… this… heartless programmer, a human being) managed to trick me to lend it to him.It’s been abandoned on his terrace ever since. Every morning, when I come to work, I see a blank spot on the wall. Two nail [...]