Time-lapse stabilization test

It was a very cold winter 5 am in the morning (you can’t really see the snowflakes, but they were there), after I drove some friends to the airport I decided to stop by and take a short time-lapse. Only problem, the wind was too random for being able to protect the camera with an improvised umbrella (made from the car’s shade) AND move the tripod in the same time.

The good thing is I shot RAW, and I could recover some of the color, if these were JPEGs everything would have been ruined.

- Import everything in Lightroom, apply the same white balance correction to all the images and export everything as tiffs
- import the tiffs in After Effects as an Image Sequence and do some stabilization (using Warp Stabilizer) – then export all the frames as tiffs.
- import everything in Lightroom again, export as JPEGs and follow the LRTimelapse / Lightroom workflow

I think I’m messing up somewhere because there is too much import/export, I will need to find a format that is supported by all 3 (AE, LRT and LT) and maybe not that heavy on file size.

Notes to self:
- custom white balance next time
- 10-15 second between the shots, 5 seconds should be enough to move the tripod but it’s better to be on the safe side (I believe having some wheels on the tripod would make things 3X faster)
- smaller steps are preferable (20 cm are enough though).
- need to plan the moving direction AND count the steps before shooting – maybe draw a chalk line on the ground
- avoid shooting during freezing winter/rainy days

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