iPhone 4 announced.

5 minutes after watching all the little videos and features lists on apple.com I have a deja-vu. The phone(+OS) has all (and nothing but) the characteristics the online media was buzzing about lately…

First of all, I don’t understand why Apple names all their stuff iSomething?!? Why on earth do they need to name the new operating system iOS??? What does the “i” stand for?

Anyway, the new phone looks nice (I like it’s slim rectangular shiny looks), all the new features are great and after 2 years of 3G I actually have a list of favorites:
- iBooks – I know, it won’t be available in Romania soon, I know, reading a book would be nicer on the iPad, but hey, I like the idea
- Video calls – my old Nokia has this feature since 2006, I haven’t used it too much but hey, I like the idea
- Improved camera – I do have a SLR camera, but I would probably use the phone’s camera for holiday shots. I don’t actually need an HD camera on my phone, but hey, I like the idea :)
- Improved battery – my old 3G needs daily recharging already, so yeah, I like the idea…

Now, that we’ve established “I like the idea”, here comes the big question: will I buy one?

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