“I got a new camera” + “My first timelapse”

The Easter Bunny (aka my wife) brought me a new Canon EOS 550D last month, but since the weather was moody, I wasn’t able to play with it that much.

Last week, Alex convinced me to go and take some pictures of the Arpechim oil refinery and yesterday we decided to wait no more. After one hour of off road driving while searching for a better angle, we finally found a deserted road just behind the oil refinery which proved to be a decent spot for photos.

Alex wanted to shoot a few frames (I’m soooo curious) and I decided to make a time-lapse of the refinery. This is my first one so I messed up the last frames by letting the white balance on auto, but we had a good time and I learned a few things.

Here’s the nice time-lapse:

I also took a few pictures:

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