How to help someone to quit smoking…

… you smoke all his cigarettes.

This morning, mr. Sandulici, wanted to take a short smoking break. The rest of the office inhabitants decided they needed a cigarette break too (they are all non-smokers, by the way).

Mr. Sandulici stated: “If I see you all smoking, I will quit!”. Well… they did.

The problem was none of them knew how to hold the cigarette, so the show was fun enough to quit smoking for.

Sandulici, I hope you appreciate what they did for you, man!

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About the Author: Ștefan Nicolae

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  • “The problem was none of them knew how to hold the cigarette…”

    Exaggerating as usual

  • Hi guys, I just want to thank you for helping me, and … for your know … you did a bad thing today for a noble cause ;) I’ll keep my promise.


    • I think Coco actually enjoyed it :D

  • Is this right? Some people do the hard work, and the others are looking, laughing, and taking pictures (and then post them on their blog)?

    We smoke, “iar ba”, hope not again!

  • ..only if the pussy worths it

  • Oh my God!!! What happens if they become addicted too??????

    • No chance! Look at their faces… You should have seen all 4 of them chewing gum like camels.

  • Do camels chew gum? :)

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