Velea, bring the whiteboard back!

13th of August 2009.  This is the day I lost something precious, something I miss a lot. My whiteboard. Our whiteboard. Together with it’s markers and sponge.

A human being (if we can call this… this… this… heartless programmer, a human being) managed to trick me to lend it to him.It’s been abandoned on his terrace ever since. Every morning, when I come to work, I see a blank spot on the wall. Two nail holes are the cruel testimonial of the missing piece of my soul. Each and every morning I have to endure my 5 colleagues hoping-faces and the question you can read in their eyes: “Did he bring IT back?“. I can’t live like this!

Everybody knows I have a terrible memory. That’s very bad if you’re earning your living working as a web programmer. I need the whiteboard. I can’t create hundreds of interconnected database tables without drawing a few schemes on the WHITEBOARD. I can’t design nice UIs without sketching my ideas on the WHITEBOARD. I can’t code functions of hundreds and thousands of lines without the WHITEBOARD.

I’m crying in despair. I want it back! I need it back! All 6 of us do.

Velea, if you read this, I’m begging you, BRING THE WHITEBOARD BACK!

Update: I started writing on windows…

Using the window as a whiteboard

Update 2:The windows are NOT OK coz’ the cleaning lady thought they were dirty and had to clean them… I hope she won’t clean the back of my laptop too…

Using the back of my laptop as a whiteboard (actually a greyboard)

writing on my laptop

... this technique leaves marks on the laptop's case

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  • OMG!!! The cruelty! The horror! Velea, how can you be like this?! We need our whiteboard back. Bring it back please; we beg you

  • He should be !@#$ on %^&#$ for that! (moderated for extreme violence)

  • Velea, I know you can do better! Give the boys what they need!

  • Hey Velea you’re a bad man ! How could you do that? bring the whiteboard back please. they (^) need it.

  • Velea, you are a terrible man, please return the whiteboard. Those people NEED it, it’s their life..

  • What a horrible man … how much evil and selfishness can exist in one person. How could he do it? A whiteboard in the life of a programmer is very important. Bring back the whiteboard … there are people who really need it .. you selfish person!

  • You darkman, bring back the whiteboard!

  • We need that whiteboard more than our keyboards and mice! I even bought new markers!

  • Marker, markerasul meu, ce mi te-a dat Dumnezeu,
    Totdeauna fii cu mine si ma invata sa scriu bine.

    Eu-s cam chior, deci scrie mare,
    Nu pricep, fa scheme clare!
    Scoate tabla din robie, ca e doar pe datorie.

  • Very bad of you, Velea! How could you do this to your friends? To take them the whiteboard knowing that they are programmers and they need it so much… It’s the most naughty thing you could do! At least now, give them the whiteboard back! THEY REALLY NEED IT!

  • have you told this to Santa? probably he would have brought you a new one…

    or you should have told me about this on Christmas, i could have written to Santa for you….

    but now, that the period when people are kind and peaceful….has past..so keep on writing on windows..

    bad joke, Bad Dolce

  • Shit ! Velea does not know english :) ) all this in vain ! :) ))

  • Bring the whiteboard back, dude!

  • Eu sunt de parerea ca Velea face parte dintr-o conspiratie la nivel international :| sau poate chiar mai mare :O

    Fie-ti mila, cat de curand vor umple geamurile de marker si nu vor mai avea nici lumina :(

    • @Punkd: Se prea poate… Aliens?!?

  • Voi încerca în limba mea a doua: Velea, trebuie să fii rău. Adu-Whiteboard înapoi la Stefan, sau el va caca pe podea.

    Did that make sense? :-)

    • @Thomas Bjerring: Thank you, that made perfect sense! I think he got the idea…

  • Epic. Made me lol especially the part with the window.

  • E white si e board si provoaca Stefanului, celor 5 si marcărelor bucurie… iata toate motivele sa il aduci inapoi, Velea!

  • Adu domne whiteboardu’ omului ca moare de inima rea!!!

  • I guess that’s the cruel act on earth. Man can live without water, food, air … but not without whiteboard… Bring it back urgently…

  • Apply for a grant, get some money and buy flipcharts…..:D.

    • @Felyss: Not a good idea. At least not for me. Flip-charts are good for presentations, but my sketches evolve very fast (I need to delete and add content on-the-fly).

  • Velea doesn’t care about YOUR Whiteboard, YOU need to make him bring it to you!!! be cruel guys, be bad and don’t show any pity!!!! kick his A**!!!! @velea: man bring that whiteboard back, don’t be so careless!!!!shame on you!!!!

  • Velea, show them that you are not the man that they think you are. Bring the WHITEBOARD back. Make a good deed. I belive in YOU. Or at least, take some MEMOPLUS:))

  • Velea, in my chicken, bring it back.

    Don’t rely on the Easter Bunny!


  • Propuneti-i un targ: ii datzi la schimb tabla de Sidex de 14 milimetri si ca markere un set de electrozi de diverse grosimi.
    Asa e toata lumea fericita.

  • Stiu niste ucrainieni care se ocupa de recuperari…. sti tu… un deget… apoi altul…

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